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I am Panagiotis Karavasilis. I was born and raised in Nea Filadelphia, but I also grew up in Artemida as I was spending all of my summers there. My forever dream was to stay permanently to the area that I loved from my young age, leaving behind the city’s urban landscape.

Nature was really getting me going through my life and that’s why I looked into planting trees, fruits and vegetables. But it is true that the best things in life are not. Planned and I was finally enchanted by the wonderful society of the tiny wonders of nature, the bees, the only insect on the planet that offers us something we can eat.

So I thought that just like I was consuming pure products that I was planting, I could have my own pure honey.

In 2016 I got my first two bees. I began to. Observe closely their society, their way of living, the way and the harmony they worked with and all this made me admire the creation of nature that gave the ancients the first sweetener they could consume.

Slowly but steadily I increased the capacity of my apiary, but what remained unltered is the love for the bee, the passion for quality and the urgent need to protect, from all of us, the pollinators of 70% of the planet’s plants.

Passion for
pure honey

Honey for me is not just a food and of course not a selling product. It is love, passion, excitement, components that if you don’t have them you can’t be a apiarist.

My view is not large quantities, but the qualitative, the raw, and pure quantities without chemicals, without antibiotics, the ones that will show respect for bee, for what she offers us.

Artis 8, 190 16
Artemida, Attica, Greece
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