Our procedure

Our honeybee farm

They are located in areas at Artemida, in ideal positions for bees’s health.

Our overriding concern is the conservation of a healthy natural environment, our orientation is the protection of bees and our passion is the creation of pure and unedited honey. When we don’t dealing with our colonies, we are planting different herbs in the surrounding area of our honeybee farms, to strengthen the biodiversity of the area.

For us quality is the most important thing.

Treatments without medicines and chemicals

As all the living beings, bees also dealing with diseases. Their care is imperative for us.

The avoidance for chemical disease control is a moral obligation for us. We never forget that we produce honey first for our own consumption and we want it to be crystal clear, without a trace of antibiotics and medicines. Besides, all our batches are sent for chemical control to the chemistry department of and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the results are announced on the site and in our online store.

Unprocessed honey from the honeycomb to the jar

Our honey comes out the honeycomb in the standard method of centrifugation, without thermal process. It is collected and driven to maturation barrels, where it stays for 10 days at least.

Diligent bottled

After the maturation and the cleaning, the honey is transferred to us in a approved packaging plant and it is bottled in the jars.

From us to your door

And because for us the personal relationship with all of you is particular importance, we are trying to bring you the honey to your door as soon as possible, with our personal mean of transport when it is possible.
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Artemida, Attica, Greece
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